The concept

The brand was born from the meeting between two French people when they lived in Doha, Qatar in 2015. However, it was not until 2018, during a trip in London, that the two future co-founders launch the project Que Des Bonnes Vibes .
More than a lifestyle brand, Que Des Bonnes Vibes is a state of mind that combines well-being and positivity. Good vibes, which can be found in all the privileged moments of life: travel, new meetings or simple moments spent with friends and family.
It is because enjoying the good times means for them to travel, discover, meet, that the team Que Des Bonnes Vibes got interested in travel accessories. First born of the collection: the QDBV cushion.
Inspired by the Anglicism "Good Vibes Only", Que Des Bonnes Vibes wishes to establish itself as the reference made in France in terms of 'art of living.



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