Workshop Prod
Atelier Prod carries out all your marking projects on T-shirt, sweatshirt, polo shirt, shirt, cushion, backpack, cap, scarf, hat, towel, blanket, apron, work clothes, the blanket of your child, and more.
With 15 years of experience in embroidery and textile printing, Atelier Prod masters the most efficient, durable and fabric-friendly techniques, such as embroidery, digital printing, screen printing and heat transfer .

Ben Moreau
French photographer based in Zurich (Switzerland), Benjamin currently works for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).
In his spare time he works on architectural and artistic projects. Through a minimalist approach, he likes to highlight the details of each building he photographs.

Shaan Couture
Born in France, Shaan has dual Franco-American nationality. She has lived in New York, Montreal and San Diego. His award-winning documentaries and short films often address themes of music, sport, diversity and disability. Shaan holds the camera, and also flies the drone.

Emilien photographer
Emilien is an artist photographer / videographer passionate about digital, applies to put his talent but especially his generosity in each of his projects. His universe revolves mainly around events such as weddings, music or the stage.

Johanna Tordjman
Johanna Tordjman
Funny, smiling and full of life, Johanna is a French artist who draws on digital globalization to offer a contemporary vision of art.
We find in his works the unity of humanity through its diversity. From classic portraiture to the era of the selfie, Johanna abolishes the boundaries between the real and the virtual while bringing a little facelift to the French artistic community.

Bouh productions
Bouh Production
The agency brings together young talents from Paris, from the fields of photography, video, motion design and graphics.
Brand image is so important today that companies need to call on young and trendy agencies like Bouh Productions.

Jerome Brouillet
Born in Marseille, exiled in French Polynesia since 2015. He spent a large part of his childhood on the family boat where he took his first steps there. This ocean lover, animal lover and curious about science enjoys discovering and immortalizing the world around him with his camera.

Sandy Graphics
Sandy Graphics is a graphics and motion design company offering the following services: logo creation, flyer, business card and 2D and 3D animated video montages
Instagram: @s andygraphics


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